Development of Grindelwald

It is not known precisely when the first people settled the valley of Grindelwald. In all probability mountain Celts immigrated in the first millennium over Grosse and Kleine Scheidegg and domicilated here.

In the year 1146 the name of Grindelwald was mentionned for the first time in a document. King Conrad ensured protection for the properties in Grindelwald of the monastery of Interlaken.
It is not known from where the name is derived. Linguists think that there could be an explication in the old Celtic word «grindel».
"Grindel" was the word for wooden wall. At this time Grindelwald was a wooded valley. 

In the 17th and 18th centuries there began to be interest in wild mountain territories. Naturalists explored more and more these landscapes. Research and traveller reports, maps and pictures aroused public interest all over the world.
In the beginning travellers stayed overnight at the rectory. At the start of the 19th century the first hotel was built. Within a very short time the mountain village developed from a farming village to a tourist destination.

Many local hosts know a lot about the historical development of Grindelwald. They own books, pictures, old maps and cards. They have knowledge of stories, events, disasters and innovations. The history of the development of Grindelwald is multifaceted, colourful, fascinating. Ask your host – you will be amazed!